Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Brave Prove Extravaganza

Ok, guess, it's unexpected, but here we are. This a release (finally!) of the Braмe Prove for PSX. The game has been in works for about 7 years with some ups and downs to finally reach the doorstep.Use a ppf patcher of your choice to apply the patch. So, I guess, I may now drop the mic and leave the scene "Obama-style" since I'm too tired to add anything else. Enjoy, the game is worth it.

You can find the patch here.
We've been having quite a dispute as to whether release the game manual or not after the latest reprofuckers endeavor but yet decided to give it a go with some slight protection stuff (no, there won't be any other version). You can grab the manual here.

PS: This project is more like a cleanup of my old works since I have a bad habit of never dropping my projects. I still have no idea if we have any full-fledged return to anything new. You buy more reproductions from the "scene saviors" selling our works online, and I will have another reason to keep away from tranlsations longer.


  1. A fucking miracle, thanks

    Hey lazy bastard,if you ever want to work on another ps1 game try "Community Pom" a totally forgotten little gem, just a suggestion! thanks again

  2. Great!! I love action rpg,i hope one day can see the translation of Ultima underworld of psx.

    1. This one is ready available on pc from where it was ported so I wouldn't expect anyone would have a look on that one any time soon.

  3. I never heard of this game until this translation released, but it looks like a very interesting and heavily inspired in Story of Thor. Thank you for your work!

  4. it would be possible to take advantage of your work, to be able to translate it into Spanish so that my country can also enjoy it