Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Yes. It's Minelvaton Saga. Again.

Yet another batch of fixes. Thanks go to Griever_GF for tracing them all.

Grab the Patch v.1.05 here.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Brave Prove Extravaganza

Ok, guess, it's unexpected, but here we are. This a release (finally!) of the BraŠ¼e Prove for PSX. The game has been in works for about 7 years with some ups and downs to finally reach the doorstep.Use a ppf patcher of your choice to apply the patch. So, I guess, I may now drop the mic and leave the scene "Obama-style" since I'm too tired to add anything else. Enjoy, the game is worth it.

You can find the patch here.
We've been having quite a dispute as to whether release the game manual or not after the latest reprofuckers endeavor but yet decided to give it a go with some slight protection stuff (no, there won't be any other version). You can grab the manual here.

PS: This project is more like a cleanup of my old works since I have a bad habit of never dropping my projects. I still have no idea if we have any full-fledged return to anything new. You buy more reproductions from the "scene saviors" selling our works online, and I will have another reason to keep away from tranlsations longer.