Friday, December 29, 2017

The Glory of Heracles wishes you happy holidays. Again!

Happy New Year's, Xmas, or whatever you're celebrating. After those years of silence, finally to release something :) This time it's Herc's Game for Gameboy translated from the scratch by me and completely rehacked and polished by pennywise :) Hope, this is not the last release in the nearest future - enjoy :)

P.S. Oh, yeah, you can download the patch here.


  1. Hi! I have no idea if you'll remember a lot about this game, but I ran into a weird issue. I was exploring the first tower in the game and got killed. I was sent back to the town, did some more exploring and turned my game off. When I restarted the game today, I tried to go back to the tower, but I couldn't open the door in the destroyed town. It was then that I noticed my key items (the key and an item I got at the tower) were gone! Do you know if that's a thing? I'm stuck and I have no idea what to do...

    1. Unfortunately, I don't :( And I wasn't the one doing hacking there... Try RHDN for help.