Friday, November 21, 2025

Guys, considering the frequency of this question - officially :)

1. I ain't dead, just not very active :)
2. In case your comments aren't spam they WILL be published. The blog has a moderation on so it takes some time to check those.


  1. Thanks for all your hard work. I found a hidden gem of a game thanks to you and your team. Not many say thanks... Really you deserve so much more. Thank you for your hard work and most importantly your time. I know it is a long process and I appreciate your labour of love.

  2. Looking forward to your future releases. What do you think about that PS1 game, you know it's about a community and has half the name of those things cheer leaders hold?

    1. Not in the plans, to be honest due to other projects and no proper PSX hacker available. But yes, I know the game you're talking about.