Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dream Master

And you can grab it here.
Quite an awesome game, if you ask me.


  1. Such an awesome game. Thanks so much.

  2. Really awesome game. Thanks so much.

  3. Don't worry if the posts don't appear from the start - the moderation is on due to spam flood ;)

  4. Thank you, Thank you you are such a great person, even more this like Silva Saga come in time for summer, time to gather all your translated games and enjoy them in my trip while remembering your hard work:)
    Thanks again. name is MizeM2 but there seems to be a problem with my google account.

  5. I enjoy this game.
    Well done on the translation.

    You mention graphical glitches.
    When using FCEUX 2.1.4a for Windows, whenever you enter a room, the background doesn't show, talking or opening the "Items" menu causes the background to be displayed.

    This game is great, thanks for the hard work and for bringing this game to so many peoples attention.

  6. I've been trying in game in various emulators.
    Nestopia 140 seems to run it with out the graphical issues. :-)

  7. Well, I've specified the emus that work fine in the readme. Nester and particular FCEUD SP version run it fine.