Friday, February 19, 2010

Silence broken... kinda :)

Well, after three months or so I felt enough mood to write something new here. First of all - I ain't dead yet :) After having successfully coming back to gaming (cheers, Darksiders!), real life overhaul and lack of winter vacation, I have something to show. Back to the translation part.
Works on Dreammaster (not to mix up with the "Nemo's adventures, which is a totally different game") are FINALLY close to the finishing stage. That game WAS a pain in the hacker's ass, as it easily crumbled all of my new routines in a blink of an eye, but I do hope that now it should work fine. At the moment, it's being beta-tested once again and proof-read as well - so, I do hope for a near future release. Meanwhile, enjoy the screens below. The game is a really good genre mix made by the same guys who worked on Daikajuu Monogatari and it is worth playing.

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