Saturday, June 20, 2009

Silva Saga released.

It's done finally. Once again, thanks to all those people helping me all along. And READ THE README FILE - it has an important note on how to launch this game. If the link does not work directly, just copy-paste it.
Link to the patch


  1. A million thanks but can you host the patch somewhere else my ip blocked the site you are using for the file, again Thank you and people like you gives me hope in everything.

  2. I won't use any other host at the moment - it's just too much time for me to take of hosting and fees. So for this is the only one for direct links. For those who have probs - I've included megaupload and rapidshare links (you may also use proxies, btw). Have fun!

  3. These are more than enough thanks and sorry for the trouble.

  4. Nah, it's ok - glad you got it.

  5. Thank you am really enjoying the game, no problems so far and the translation is pretty good, am traveling in a vocation tomorrow and am taking it with several other translated RPGs in my PSP. :)

  6. Shiningvick,

    Can you please email me. I'm not sure if you're home or away, but please do call or email me.