Friday, November 21, 2025

Guys, considering the frequency of this question - officially :)

1. I ain't dead, just not very active :)
2. In case your comments aren't spam they WILL be published. The blog has a moderation on so it takes some time to check those.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

About repoduction business shit

Ok, I finally got from my real life to write this post since been thinking about it for quite a while already. First and foremost, NEITHER ME NOR ANY OF MY FRIENDS AND COLLABORATORS SUPPORT REPRODUCTION TRADE. I'm sick and tired to see the work we put so much effort into sold on etsy or other garbage bins. ALL OUR TRANSLATIONS ARE INTENDED TO BE FREE AND NEVER TO BE DISTRIBUTED FOR ANY PRICE.

NEITHER ME NOR ANY OF MY FRIENDS AND COLLABORATORS EVER ASK MONEY FOR OUR WORKS. And I mean all works, including hacking, translation, manual graphics and so on.

WE IN NO WAY ENCOURAGE PIRACY OF GAMING (OR OTHER) SOFTWARE. So, dear David Florida and other motherfuckers selling their repro shit with our (or someone else's) translations - please, get your lousy excuses 'bout "support to the scene" and "making this only for friends" or "we only sell one copy per person to cover our expenses", roll 'em up and stuff as deep into your arses as you can - I believe in you, morons, don't let me down. You trying to fuck just game devs here - you're trying to fuck the scene, and tbh - you're the biggest discouragent I ever had in my translation efforts. One thing is to get a glossy copy for you or your friend and another one - putting this all into fucking serial production.

For the time being,

1. I put all my current projects on hold (there're like 10 of them) and watch over this situation closer.
2. I'm seriously reconsidering any further work on disc-based games.
3. Most likely, no more manuals in English will follow from now on (yeah, bastards, try at least mastering the fucking photoshop and google translate instead of stealing everything).
4. I'm seriously reconsidering of putting the translations into the public web.
5. And, yeah, to those guys who actually buy from the above - cheers - your support is very important for them but don't come here crying and asking for a new work.

PS: The above should not be taken deeply by guys making collector's editions, spare boxes or other handmade gaming merchandize putting a lot of their heart into those - that's pure art, and I respect that, guys.

End of message for now.

Monday, February 27, 2023

"Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together" for Sega Saturn released.

After having done the March of the Black Queen, we eventually got down to bringing this down as well. What initially looked like a simple PS1 translation hack-in ended up with the total rehaul of the game text and importing PSP version (the best one currently available) and making it compliant with the game lore as well as our "uncensored parts" of the Black Queen. For those dumping their image from the original game - I highly recommend the clone cd format due to the way the game stores and plays the musical tracks.

You can grab the translation here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

PopoloCrois v.1.3 is out.

 Another small batch of typo and palette fixes. Grab it here.

Friday, October 14, 2022

PopoloCrois v.1.2 is out.

 Just another small hotfix - the World Map glitch fixed. Kudoz to Drops Mega-Mega for the report!

v.1.2 is here.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

PopoloCrois v.1.1 is out.

Just a hot fix update for the recent PopoloCrois patch.

The changes include:

- Original palette in anime cuts restored (color saturation).

- Cursor position and game freezes after data saves in the Debugger Menu fixed.

- Game freezes on Gotlief-Parcella cartrail dialogue fixed.

- Game launch for older BIOS fixed (now working on SCPH-1000, real hardware).

- Sound volume for the Narrator's cutscenes increased.

- Spaces in characters' names on Level Up removed  (Gon, Don and Kai).

You can grab v.1.1 here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

PopoloCrois Monogatari in English.

Well, it's finally happening. Years of plans, months of work. The game that brought me into the scene in the very first place. Go buy the Japanese version  of ebay or something. It's bloody worth it.

Grab the Patch here.

And the Manual is here.

PS: paul_met, Pennywise, Matatabi, Illidan Personal thanks, guys, it wouldn't have happened without you all.